Abedabun’s Menagerie

I have a lot of pets and mounts. I can only have one of each visible at a time in game, so I thought they’d appreciate being let out to play here too.

In my quest towards the 75 pets achievement, I did some crazy things to get pets. I fished for hours, spent lots of gold and did a lot of daily quests. Today’s pet is possibly the most crazy though. But it didn’t take a long time, it didn’t cost a lot, and it was a guaranteed drop. It was crazy because I started to suspect there was a conspiracy in making pet collectors look extremely foolish.

This week’s little bugger is the Westfall Chicken. Such an innocent looking thing. She used to be an Alliance-only pet, unless you jumped through even more hoops than you have to now – but now this little chicken can be yours too, even if you’re Horde (and who wouldn’t be?). If you’re Alliance, you head to Westfall and find a chicken. You do the /chicken emote at the chicken, so you make a crowing noise and flap your arms like a chicken. You have to do this emote many times – I’m talking hundreds. The easiest way is to make a macro that spams it many times, then spam the macro. Eventually the little chicken will become a quest-giver, and you have to feed it some special feed to complete the quest. Luckily, there is a farmer nearby who can sell you this feed. Buy the feed, feed the chicken, and then you have to /cheer at the chicken. The chicken will then lay an egg, which you can collect to learn the Westfall Chicken companion. You can start to see why I suspected a conspiracy. These instructions are out on the internet – except there are variations. Some sources say you have to /cluck at the chicken, instead of doing the /chicken. For Horde, it was rumoured that you could buy the chicken feed at the auction house, but that the chicken wouldn’t give you the quest. Another version had it that if you got an Alliance character to do the steps up to the egg-laying, a Horde character could pick up the egg. I wondered at which point this would turn into a massive Rick-roll and chickens would start singing.

But in patch 3.something, Blizzard added an important NPC to the game – William Saldean, an undead farmer in Brill. All of a sudden, the Westfall chicken took on a veneer of credibility. Surely it couldn’t be a big conspiracy of trying to get me to look daft now that Blizzard had added it into patch notes?! So, special chicken feed in hand, I headed down to Westfall.

With arms flapping, Abedabun struts around Chicken. Cluck, Cluck, Chicken!

Many, many times. Wait a minute – this isn’t an internet conspiracy. This is a Blizzard conspiracy! I bet they’re laughing at me, right now! What’s that, Westfall chicken?


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