Abedabun’s Menagerie

I have a lot of pets and mounts. I can only have one of each visible at a time in game, so I thought they’d appreciate being let out to play here too.

Archaeology, the new profession, is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it gets boring quite fast. On the other hand, it can produce so many shinies. All the precious shinies, including pets and mounts. The trouble with archaeology is that you can’t decide what you’re going to discover next, even at the maximum skill level. So you are relying on the luck of the random number generator. And not to gloat too much, but I have been incredibly lucky in my archaeology discoveries. Mind you, I’ve also spent many hours doing it.

The most expensive crafted mount currently in-game is the Sandstone Drake (I think). It requires an Archaeology skill level of 525 (the max. level), and for you to discover one of the ‘common’ canopic jars, one of 13 possible things that can be found in the zone of Uldum. If you find one of these jars (and bear in mind that Uldum archaeology spawns themselves are quite rare), it has a small chance to contain the recipe to get the mount. On Wowhead the chance of the jar having the recipe is currently about 4%. Then, once you have the recipe, you need an Alchemy skill of 525 to learn it. Then you need 29,000 gold pieces for the vendor mats (minus 20% if you have a goblin friend), plus some other trade goods – you’re looking at around 30-40k for the mount, even when you have the recipe (or have found someone else who can craft it).

I knew that it was difficult and expensive, but for some reason I decided that I would try to get this mount. I levelled up Archaeology until I could survey in Uldum. And guess what – the very first artefact I found there was a Canopic jar. And then guess…. it contained the recipe! I finished levelling Alchemy and saved up, and saved up some more. Luckily, taking a year out of raiding does wonders for your virtual bank balance.

I haven’t even told you what’s so cool about this mount. You get to be a dragon. That’s right – you don’t ride a dragon, you are one. You get to transport a party-mate around too, if they jump on. When I first got the mount, I carried my companion around in my claws, but they’ve fixed it so that now they ride on my back. Pic spam!

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One Response to Abedabun’s Menagerie

  1. Dom Camus says:

    You are sooo lucky! But still, that’s very cool!

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