The ups and downs of raiding

Our second week of raiding went really well. We downed the Omnocron DS on the second attempt, and then we did the same to Magmaw!

We went to have a look at the next bosses, even though we hadn’t prepared for them. This involved killing some trash. One pack was a dragon with two pet corehounds on leads. We thought that Hibernate might work on the hounds, so we tried on one. It wasn’t feeling very sleepy, and charged Enki instead. They made short order of Torgaddon, so the rest of us ran back to try to reset them.

There was a lift between us and the exit. It is a lift that doesn’t hang around much at the top or the bottom, but in this case seemed to take forever to get down. Most of us made it onto the lift before Mr. Dragon and his Two-headed Dogs could eat us. Then nearly everyone made it off the lift at the top. Except me. I went all the way back down. Hai guys! *nom* AND THEN THEY GOT ON THE LIFT!!! Vent exploded. I’m shouting for everyone to run away because THEY’RE COMING UP THE GODDAMNED LIFT!! Torgaddon has just come back into the instance to be greeted by his new friends the corehounds. And me and Sophoria were laughing our heads off! It didn’t help that Goretag made a comment about the mobs looking bored on the lift whilst listening to muzak.

We managed to wipe, get back in, buff up and calm down. We headed for the lift, for another go. Trundling down the lift, Vent exploded again. I saw something floating, quite gracefully, down to the lower floor. Was it a bird? Was it a dragon? No – it was Fevrier!! And then she floated gracefully past the lower floor, and into the middle of the volcano. I actually had tears in my eyes from laughing! I’m glad Fev took it in good grace, or else I might end up demoted… 😛

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4 Responses to The ups and downs of raiding

  1. RW says:

    Sounds very silly. Did they use the “Ho Ho Ho Now I have a machine gun” line on you while coming up the lift?

    One bit I don’t understand… “Vent exploded” – is that the volcano? does it generate bad guys, or generalised mayhem (and knocking people off)?

  2. Gemma says:

    Oops – got carried away when writing this one – ‘Vent’ is Ventrillo, a voice-comms programme.

  3. fevriermage says:

    OH that was the funniest evening i remember having whilst raiding. Floating down into the molten lava was hiarious for me too. I was like “why did I slow fall?” “can i run in mid air NO!! why cant i !! serious brain fart for me lol

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