Unit frame mods

Unlike Bartender 4, which is my One True bar mod, I don’t have a One True unit frame mod. None of the ones I’ve tried have jumped out at me and said “Me! Choose me! I’m the one you’ll never leave, the one who’ll be there for you come patch and expansion!” I’ve tried a few, the ones I can remember are Pitbull, XPerl and I’ve just started messing with Shadowed Unit Frames.

I last used Pitbull when it was Pitbull 3. It works out of the box, more or less, but has a gajillion options. I spent a long time configuring it to do what I wanted. And then a patch dropped (I think it was just before Wrath) that broke my settings. I just couldn’t face setting it up again, so I changed mods. Looking at Pitbull 4 though, it now looks more simple, so I might give it another go.

I changed to XPerl, whose selling point was ‘it just works’. And it did. I could tweak various options and get it set up to how I liked it. It’s seen me through most of Wrath and I’ve been happy with it.

It was during Wrath that I respecced to healing, and I wanted a good raid frames set-up. I started using Healbot and then Grid, so I didn’t need my unit frames mod to be any good for parties or raids. As long as I could turn those options off, I was happy.

The trouble with Xperl came with Cataclysm. It has become a little bit buggy. It always was, come to think of it. Nothing serious – things like the mana bar not updating if I’d logged out in bird form. But then things like not showing up the Eclipse bar, and not showing debuffs (which is important for various encounters). All the little things have added up to me trying something new.

In a recent Wow Insider article, Shadowed Unit Frames was mentioned as a simple alternative to Stuf and Pitbull (I’d not heard of Stuf before – maybe one day I will try it out). I’ve got it set up, but haven’t yet tried it in combat. I’ll let you know how it pans out.

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