Abedabun’s Menagerie

I have a lot of pets and mounts. I can only have one of each visible at a time in game, so I thought they’d appreciate being let out to play here too.

Abedabun has many pets and mounts – at the last count 81 pets and 69 mounts. So if I blog about one of them each week, it will keep this blog up and running for 3 years! However, some of the pets and mounts are really the same just in different colours. And some weeks (like this one) I might cheat and talk about pets on my others characters.

The first pet I ever bought was on my first character, Annuvir the night elf druid. I’d seen people with pets that could attack things and wanted to find out if I could have one too. So I went to the owl trainer in Darnassus, with my hard-earned 50 silver, and bought a Great Horned Owl. I quickly discovered that I couldn’t do anything with it other than admire it, as I wasn’t a hunter. Still, it was cool and it followed me around until level 30ish when I discovered the Horde.

My first main character was Chanshu the tauren hunter. You can see I obviously wanted that hunter pet! Chanshu was a tauren who wanted to be a troll pirate, because it was cooler than being a traditionalist boring tauren. So his non-combat pet was a Senegal parrot. This was in the days when pets took up bag slots, so the parrot was my constant companion, along with Shen the wolf.

It’s sad, but I can’t remember Abedabun’s first pet. Just like she doesn’t have a favourite; she treats them all the same. Hippy druid that she is.

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One Response to Abedabun’s Menagerie

  1. fevriermage says:

    Fevs a bit of a pet lover too she had 76 at alst count. Not so many mounts tho must get working on that

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