Saturday evening saw us head back into Blackwing Descent. We’d had our practice run – this was now the real deal. Oh yes. A few tactics were modified, as they were throughout the evening. Most of it finally ‘clicked’ for me on the fight that our main tank, Torgaddon’s, WoW crashed. It’s a horrible feeling when your computer or your internet connection decides that you won’t be participating in this attempt. It’s happened to me before – you have a sinking feeling as you know that nine other people have been doomed by your hardware. And then there’s the other sinking feeling – what if they’re doing ok without me?! Torgaddon had the advantage of having another raid member in the same room, so the rest of the raid knew what was going on. The healers kept him alive until the next boss activated, but then there wasn’t much point as without a tank to keep aggro and position it we were doomed. We’re used to the wipe routine now at least 🙂

The main problem with this fight is the randomness of tactics. On one attempt, the first two bosses to activate were the ones with AoE attacks. As raid healer, my mana did not last long trying to keep the raid up during these.  Being a druid healer is an advantage in the fight. Lots of movement means not much time to stand still and cast non-instant spells. With druid HOTs and instant casts though it’s not so bad. I might respec back into Nature’s Swiftness though (I kept forgetting to use it so use my talent points elsewhere) for an extra big heal on the move.

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer – we did manage this fight. On the final, successful attempt, I think we had Toxitron up first, but I wouldn’t bet anything on it. He shoots green clouds occasionally, which are bad to stand in. He also summons slimes to chase three people with disastrous results if they catch up. One of the DPS died, and seeing that we had the fight currently in control, I combat-ressed him (I’m still getting used to the ‘only one res per attempt’ rule). Just as I started casting Rebirth, Toxitron farted one of his green poison clouds at me. I decided I had time to finish casting before running out of it, so I did. Then I remembered that Goretag would be ressed directly into the bad stuff, with not much health! (Note to self – get the rebirth glyph that helps with health and mana). Hooray for voice comms and quick reactions. Back to healing the raid, paying attention to where I’m standing, and trying to conserve mana. Then everyone stopped and I wondered what had gone wrong. Oh – we’ve killed them! Hooray!

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