Blackwing Descent

I wasn’t planning on being in the ‘hardcore’ raid team, so I logged on fairly late in the evening. One of the healers in the raid was suffering from severe lag so I was asked to step in. My item level was 343 (346 being the recommended minimum for raiding) so I was a bit nervous, but our guild is generally a relaxed bunch, and would rather try something and fail than just give up.

My first problem was that I hadn’t a clue where the raid was. I knew it was somewhere around Blackrock Mountain, but that didn’t help, as BR Mountain sits between two map zones, and therefore doesn’t have an in-game map. The inside of the mountain is the home of three (four?) instances from ‘vanilla’ WoW, and it’s on at least three vertical levels. Just to make matters even more confusing, I was summoned using a meeting stone not directly outside the instance, because of Alliance gankers. I ended up flying around the inside of the mountain for a good five minutes, as the other people tried to explain how to get to the raid entrance. It turns out that ‘go through the door to the outside’ actually means ‘go out of the mountain, you numbskull’. Oh – it’s on the outside!

I was distinctly nervous now. I hadn’t watched the tactics videos, didn’t know anything about the fight and I’d just reasserted my position as the one with no sense of direction (no, seriously – in WoW dungeons I always get lost). The rest of the raid team have already been wiping for an hour or so. I was expecting to be thrown in more-or-less at the deep end – a lot of ‘first bosses’ in raids tend to be a gear-check rather than a skill check, so it should be fine.

But no. Torgaddon, our raid leader, very patiently repeated all his tactics macros for my benefit. We were doing the Omnotron Defense System which  is the tactics equivalent of patting your head and rubbing your belly. With your feet. Whilst drunk. And upside-down.

No – it’s simple really. Let me explain. There are four bosses, that are activated in a random order. Each of them have three different abilities, which require different positioning, different amounts of healing and the dps to do different things. Oh, and the bosses come up two at a time, so you have a random combination of these abilities. Simples!

By the end of the evening of wipes, I was much more practised at the fight. I am pleased to say that I then watched the video, which didn’t really tell me anything new that Torgaddon hadn’t already covered. Great leading, Torg!

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2 Responses to Blackwing Descent

  1. fevriermage says:

    Great Healing Gems 😀

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